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Mar 25, 2019



Applying False Lashes Like a Pro
If you'd like to throw on a set of falsies to make your lashes flirtier, but don't because the task just seems too daunting, you're in luck. Queen Uche breaks down exactly how to apply false lashes flawlessly.
1. False lashes
2. Scissors
3. Lash glue
4. Tweezers
5. Mascara
1.Measure the false lashes to your eye. After you've put on your eye shadow, but before you put on your eyeliner, align the false eyelash strip against your lash line to make sure they aren't too long. 
2. Cut your lashes. If your falsies are a little bit longer than your lash line, trim them from the outer corner always, since there are tinier hairs toward the inner corner that are meant to gradually fade into the longer hairs as you move toward the outer corner of the false lash.
3. Line the lash band with lash glue. Run a black adhesive glue (this type is the best because it dries black and blends in with your black eyeliner seamlessly) over the band of your lashes where they're joined together. 
4. Let the glue dry a little. For the quickest and strongest application, you want to make sure the glue is a bit tacky before you put it along your lash line. The best way is to hold the lashes with tweezers and lightly blow on the glue or fan the lash before applying it for five seconds (count one-one thousand, two-two thousand, etc.). That way, when you put the strip on, it will instantly adhere to your eyelid skin, instead of sliding around on your lash line before it grips.
5. Apply the lashes. Position the tweezers at the center of the false lash and lay the strip onto your lash line. Use your fingers to apply pressure against the band, so they're as tight against your lash line as possible.
6. Fuse your false lashes with your natural ones to make them look real. Take your pointer finger and thumb and gently pinch your false and real lashes together so that they blend.
7. Add mascara. Apply mascara over your lashes to lock your real and fake lashes together and to make them stand out even more.
8. Line your eyes. Queen Uche uses drug store eye liner to define her lash line and also blend in the black glue for a seamless finish.
Voilà! You're done! Now, go and Facebook, Instagram, and tweet a picture of your sexy new lashes! @uchehair 

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