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Phantom Raw Indian Curly Wig 6 X 6

There is a reason why this wig is called PHANTOM. It's super luxurious - the best quality human hair wigs you can find online.

Our signature raw Indian curly wig has been a best-seller over the years, this texture has the ability to be extremely versatile.

There are endless style options with this raw Indian curly wig, yes that's right - we only have 100% human hair wigs, none of that synthetic hair. 

This is 100% natural curly virgin hair from the temples of India.

This glorious mass of natural ringlets wears beautifully soft and flat-irons straight like a dream.

This hair can be worn in one length or in layers.

The natural curl pattern makes this hair care-free and bouncy.

This hair also flat-irons perfectly into smooth and beautiful straight style. 

Our wigs are completely natural and untouched.

Since the hair in this state has not been altered in any way, it has the ability to be manipulated with any hot tool and return to its natural state.

Easy to flat iron, curl, and color - it will still maintain its original texture.

Product Suggestions:

UCHE Hair Care Essentials 

Quench and shine shampoo & conditioner or moisture-rich coconut oil shampoo and conditioner. 

Pure Curly Tips:

Can be straightened with the use of blow dryer and flat iron. 

Texture allows for long-lasting curls. 

A curling wand/iron may be used at a low temperature to blend with natural hair or define curls. 

Returns to its original curl pattern after every shampoo and condition. 

Handling the hair during the drying process can cause frizziness. 

If a fuller look is desired, wait until the hair is completely dry to maintain softness and manageability.

General Maintenance:

Shampoo and condition with UCHE Hair Care Essentials weekly to maintain softness and manageability. 

Our products are sulfate-free, moisturizing, and infused with Moroccan serum oil.

The shampoo gently cleanses, replenishes vital moisture, and maximizes shine.

The conditioner provides hydration without weighing down the hair. 

It is suggested that you visit your stylist regularly to have your hair and extensions shampooed, especially when wearing a sewn-in installation.

It is critical that hair is properly cleansed and dried.

Hair extensions should not be handled rigorously and should always be shampooed in a downward motion. 

Keep styling products to a minimum to prevent weighing down the hair, or use our shine shampoo & conditioner or moisture-rich coconut oil shampoo and conditioner. 

Key Features

Hair type: 100% Raw Indian hair

6 X 6  Closure wig: Single-drawn wefted tracks with extra reinforced tracks to prevent shedding

Processing: Completely unprocessed natural texture and color

Weight: Approximately 200 density fullness 

Origin of the Hair: Indian

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