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What Makes a Wig Kosher?

Kosher wigs are the obvious choice for Jewish women who need a wig, no matter the reason. But what exactly makes a wig kosher, and how important is it for you to choose a kosher wig? There are very few requirements, but they are critically important. Naturally, the first requirement is that we have a rabbi that  has overseen the construction of the wigs, quality of the raw hair and all is done within the halachic requirements.

 But before the hair can be turned into a wig, it must come from somewhere.

Only wigs made from real human hair are going to look great. If you are buying a kosher wig, you probably don’t want people to know that you’re wearing a wig. So it’s important that the wig is beautifully constructed as well as kosher. But supplies of real human hair are not always easy to come by. In the past, there have been concerns about how the hair of some kosher wigs was coming from non-kosher sources.

 But today you are at the right place to purchase the Original kosher wig, we import our human hair from Israel  you can get just about any of our look that you want and it will appear natural. Most people would never be able to tell that you have a wig on, they details are super amazing.

Our Kosher wigs are sourced and produced according to the traditions and rules that Jewish people have relied on for centuries. Fortunately, today you can get not only kosher wig from us but you can always welcome to one of our showrooms in Los Angeles and feel the quality and texture.




High quality virgin hair jewish wig


Color : Choose from the options 

Material: 100% Natural Raw Hair

Hair Density: Heavy (180 to 200)

Style: Wavy

Cap Structure: 5”x4” Multidirectional skin top

Cap Size: one size. The size is adjustable, can be worn by most of people

Standard Shipping: Expedited shipping within 1-2 business days, arrived in 2-5 business days.


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