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Aug 24, 2022



So, you've decided that you want to get hair extensions. Maybe you already know the color you want and have an idea of what the extension should look like. 

And, after some research, you've even decided between natural hair extensions and synthetic ones. You already know how different types of extensions will look on your hair and which type to choose to highlight your natural beauty.  

All of this is great and the truth of the matter is that you need to do quite some research before buying hair extensions. And while all of these factors would require an article of their own, here's one aspect that might have skipped your mind.  


Do you know what length of hair extension you should get? 

Choosing the right lengths is crucial as it will give your look that natural feel. An extension that sits oddly and doesn't blend well with your hair will look fake and have the opposite effect. 

And, as opposed to what the name might suggest, hair extensions will only lengthen your hair to a certain point. You may dream of having long, Rapunzel hair, but the current length of your natural hair will actually determine what will look best for you. 

So, if you ended up on this page asking yourself "what length of hair extension should I get?" then this article is for you. 

How to Choose the Right Length for Your Hair Extensions?

You can use a hair extension length guide to get an idea of what would look best in you.  

Other than that, here's what to keep in mind when choosing the length of your hair extensions:

  • Measure Your Hair

It all starts with your natural hair. You want to choose the extensions based on what it looks like when attached to your natural hair. As a rule of thumb, it's not recommended to go for extensions that are way too long compared to the length of your natural hair. 

If you do, it may look obvious, a bit odd, and most people will probably be able to tell that you are wearing extensions. 

You will have to use a measuring tape to measure your hair as "short," "medium," or "long hair" is too general. You will need to determine the exact length of your natural hair to find the right hair extension length for you.  

It may seem hard, but measuring your hair is quite easy. Take a measuring tape, sit in front of a mirror and place it at the top of your ears. Let the tape go all the way to where the hair falls. That is the length of your hair and what you need to base your extensions on. 

  • Your Height

If you are tall, your extensions will automatically look shorter. The opposite will happen if you are short - the same extension length will look longer on shorter people. 

If you are using extensions for a one-time event, consider if you are going to wear high heels. Based on that, you can choose the correct length for you. 

  • Different Hair Extensions Lengths

Hair extensions come in a very wide variety of colors, hair types, volume, and, of course, lengths. Whether you want short, medium, or long, you can find different extension lengths and can pick the one that works best for you. 

  • How Long Does Your Hair Have to Be?

If you want the extensions to blend naturally with your hair, then your hair needs to be around 4 to 6 inches long. For shorter hair length you can always talk to a professional to get their help and perspective if you want to get extensions. 

  • How Long Do the Extensions Have to Be?

If you want to get a natural look, then you should go for extensions that are no longer than 3 to 4 inches from your own natural hair length. 

  • How to Get Longer Hair Extensions?

If you really want longer hair, but the length of your own is not enough, you can also try getting an extra set of extensions and make your hair seem longer while alps maintaining a natural look to it.

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