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human hair wigs vs synthetic


Aug 12, 2022



When it comes to human hair wigs vs synthetic, there is much debate in the industry as to which is better. 

However, there's more than what meets the eye when it comes to wigs.

The purpose of this article is to teach you the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic ones and what to keep in mind to make the right choice for you and your budget.

Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic 

Human hair wigs are made from hair usually sourced from countries like India, Asia, South America, or Eastern European countries. The hair is sorted by length and after all the damaged strands have been removed, a bundle will be formed, ready to be sewn onto the wig. 

A great advantage of human hair wigs is that they can hold their style for many years to come. So, you can enjoy the same vibrant color and luscious and healthy strands for a long time as opposed to synthetic hair wigs that tend to fade over time and require more maintenance.

Things to Consider When Choosing Between Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic 

Human vs synthetic shouldn't be the only consideration when trying to decide what type of wig to purchase. Various factors can influence how happy you will be with your decision regardless of the type of wig you've chosen. If, for example, you know you will want to wear your wig daily, then a human one will be the more sensible choice as they are more durable. 

With that in mind, here are some of the factors you should consider: 

  • Understand the Different Types of Wig Hair Available 

Human hair and synthetic hair aren't your only options. There are also heat-friendly human hair wigs and this is a very important consideration if you don't want to be stuck with the same look for a long time. 

Traditionally, synthetic wigs can't be styled in any way. Even something as simple as your hairdryer can melt the wig. 

With heat-friendly synthetic wigs, on the other hand, you can style your wig the way you want it without damaging it. 

  • Hair Styling Versatility 

Human hair wigs can be styled just like your natural hair. You can dye them (although you will have to find a stylist who specializes in dying wigs,) and use heat to style them as you wish. You can, for example, have your hair straight and sleek one day and get beach waves the next day. 

You won't get the same versatility with synthetic wigs. If you like to change your hairstyle often, then it would be best to opt for a human hair wig. But, if you don't like to be bothered about your hairstyle and would rather have fabulous-looking hair every day without the effort, then a synthetic wig would work magic for you. 

  • Wig Lifespan 

Human hair wigs tend to have a longer lifespan than synthetic ones. Even if you tend to use it and style it on a daily basis, a human hair wig will usually last for about a year or longer. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, only last for about six months maximum, and heat-friendly synthetic wigs have an even shorter lifespan. 

The less you wear your wig, the more it will last. So, if you plan on using a wig often, then it would be better for your budget to opt for a human hair one.  

  • Your Budget

As you may expect, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic ones as there's more work and materials needed to create them. 

But, before you look at the price per se, consider your needs too. If, for example, you need a wig because you are going through chemotherapy treatment, then a quality but budget-friendly human hair wig might be the right option for you. 

If you are dealing with thinning hair because of hormonal imbalances or if you simply want to give the illusion of fuller, healthier hair, then you should consider investing in a more expensive human hair wig. 

Over to You

Hopefully, this article gave you enough information to choose the right type of wig for you. We at UCHE HAIR specialize in 100% quality human hair wigs, let's slay this summer together!

Head to our website and start browsing. And, don't forget to tell your friends about the wide selection of human hair wigs on UCHE HAIR. Happy Shopping!

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